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  • Project and GCF Related News
    Project and GCF Related News

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On October 24, 2018, the National Press Center hosted a press conference for representatives of the national mass media on the theme: “Priority areas of cooperation with the Green Climate Fund”.

The event was organized as part of a joint project of the UNDP, UN Environment and the Center for Hydrometeorological Service under the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzhydromet) - “The Green Climate Fund Readiness programme in Uzbekistan” is aimed at raising awareness about activities of the Green Climate Fund among the national organizations, departments and media.

The purpose of the event was to expand the understanding of the activities of the Green Climate Fund and the UNDP project in Uzbekistan, and lead to an increase in the development of dialogue interaction between the national organizations and project partners. The project set to be implemented in Uzbekistan with the financial support of the Government of Germany, aims to help strengthen national capacities for effective access, management, use and monitoring of climate finance, in particular the Green Climate Fund.

Currently, with the support of the National Designated Authority Uzhydromet and the Project, the national applicant organizations are working on 10 project ideas related to the issues of adaptation to climate change and mitigating the negative effects of climate change, including the prevention of desertification and further land degradation, effective management MSW, and improving disaster risk management, etc.

The GCF resources are represented through an accreditation of organizations which develop and submit project proposals to the GCF, and supervise, control, manage and monitor the projects and programs approved by the GCF. Currently, the GCF pays great attention to the accreditation of national institutions from the countries of Central Asia, with the accreditation process proceeding under a simplified scheme and out of turn.

During this press conference and the round table that followed, the participants discussed issues related to the results achieved by the Project, as well as the principal areas of cooperation with the GCF.

Background: The Green Climate Fund (GCF) was established at the sixteenth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 2010 in Cancun, with the participation of the governments of 194 countries. Its goal is to assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries, and to assist in the process of adaptation of vulnerable communities to the inevitable consequences of climate change. The GCF is based in the city of Songdo, South Korea.

The GCF aims to stimulate the flow of climate finance to low-emission development and resilience to climate change, leading to a paradigm shift in the global response to climate change. Its initial capitalization in 2014 amounted to more than 10 billion US dollars, to date, the Green Climate Fund has approved 93 projects worldwide with a volume of attracted funds of more than 10 billion US dollars.

In 2015, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change was reached, and the SCF received a key role in servicing the agreement and supporting the goal of maintaining climate change well below 2 degrees Celsius. Uzbekistan ratified the Paris Agreement on September 27, 2018 among 170 countries, pledging to take measures to reduce emissions, retool and adapt to climate change.

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