On 11 September 2017 the Gallery of Art of Uzbekistan hosted the ceremony of the announcement of the winners of the International Photo Contest dedicated to the issues of climate change and protection of ozone layer as well as exhibition of photos, which gathered the biggest number of votes during online voting and passed to the last stage of the contest.

The contest was held to raise public awareness on climate change and ozone layer protection issues, and to promote careful attitude towards the environment around the world. It was organized by the State Committee on Ecology and Environment Protection of Republic of Uzbekistan, Centre of Hydrometeorological Service under the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Republic of Uzbekistan and the UNDP Uzbekistan and its joint projects – "Green Climate Fund Readiness Programme in Uzbekistan" and "Initial Implementation of Accelerated Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) Phase Out in the Countries with Economies in Transition (CEIT) – Uzbekistan". On international level support was provided by UNDP Regional Hub in Istanbul and "OzonAction" branch of UN Environment.

In the contest, which was held from 10 July to 11 September participated professional and amateur photographers from almost 60 countries of the world. It was held in two categories, namely "The Ozone Layer and the I" and "Climate Change with My Eyes" and consisted of 3 stages: preliminary selection by International Jury, open online voting and final selection of winners by Jury. In total 285 applications were received, including 181 in the category of climate change and 104 – in the category of ozone layer.
As a result of selection by the International Jury members, the winners were identified.

The winners in the category of "Ozone Layer and I" became:
1-place. Lusine Torosyan (Armenia).
2-place. Shamsieva Khurshidakhon (Uzbekistan).
3-place. Viktorija Joveva (Macedonia (FYROM).

The winners in the category of "Climate Change in my Eyes" became:
1-place. Moniruzzaman Sazal (Bangladesh).
2-place. Naveed AN (Pakistan).
3-place. Matkarimov Azamat (Uzbekistan).

Apart from main prizes, international and local partners initiated special nominations. In particular UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub initiated a special nomination entitled "Women and Ozone Layer" and it was awarded to Rabemanantsoa Andry from Madagascar for her photo "Between beauty and sun protection".

Prizes within the framework of the special nominations initiated by UzWaterAware Project implemented by CAREC were given to Ecaterina Herta, (Moldova), Pranab Basak (India), Anvar Ilyasov (Uzbekistan), Azamat Matkarimov (Uzbekistan), Khubutiya Rusidan (Uzbekistan).

After announcement of the winners of the contest an excursion was organized inside the gallery, which exhibited best works, submitted to the contest.
It is necessary to mention that the participants of the contest, through their photos, were able to demonstrate their creative vision of one of the acute challenges of present days – global climate change. They also tried to depict in their photos what it means for them the struggle for protection of ozone layer, what impact does ozone layer depletion has on human health and environment.

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