Projects funded by the GCF can be focused on:

  • Mitigation of climate change by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Adaptation to the climate change;
  • Combined: mitigation and adaptation to the climate change

GCF’s investments are aimed at achieving maximum impact in the developing world, supporting paradigm shifts in both mitigation and adaptation. The Fund aims for a 50:50 balance between mitigation and adaptation investments over time. GCF project sizes:

  • Micro - USD 0 - 10 million;
  • Small - USD 10 - 50 million;
  • Medium - USD 50 -250 million;
  • Large - USD > 250million

Two main access modalities:

  • Direct, through the National Accredited Entity.
  • Indirect, through an International Accredited Organization.

To get funding from the GCF, Accredited Organizations must develop proposals that correspond to:

  • 8 strategic impact areas of the GCF
  • 6 investment criteria’s of the GCF;
  • National priorities of the country, set out in the national plans and strategies of development .

Below are submission templates for applicants wishing to apply for funding of the GCF: 

Idea Note Template

Download (in Russian language)

Concept Note Template

Download (in English language)

Funding Proposal Template

Download (in English language)

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