The 16th Board meeting of the Green Climate Fund (GCF), which was held on 4-6 April 2017 in Songdo, Republic of Korea, approved eight new projects amounting to 755 million USD.

With these new projects the Fund’s portfolio now includes 43 projects and programmes for the total amount of 2.2 billion USD in GCF funding and 7.3 billion USD – with co-financing.

The eight projects, which were approved, include:

  1. Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund (GEEREF) NeXT programme, which finances renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in five regions of the world, including in Central Asia. Partner: European Investment Bank (EIB). Amount: USD 265 million.
  2. Renewable Energy Financing Framework programme in Egypt. Partner: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Amount: USD 154.7 million.
  3. Scaling up Hydropower Sector Climate Resilience project in Tajikistan. Partner: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Amount: USD 50 million.
  4. The Simiyu Climate Resilience project in Tanzania. Partner: KfW Development Bank. Amount: EUR 102.7 million.
  5. Irrigation Development and Adaptation of Irrigated Agriculture to Climate Change in Semi-arid Morocco project. Partner: Agence Française de Développement. Amount: EUR 20 million.
  6. The Saïss Water Conservation project in Morocco. Partner: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Amount: EUR 31.97 million.
  7. The Tina River Hydropower Development project in the Solomon Islands. Partner: World Bank. Amount: USD 86 million.
  8. The Ground Water Recharge and Solar Micro Irrigation in Vulnerable Tribal Areas of Odisha project in India. Partner: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. Amount: USD 34.35 million.

It is expected that the 17th meeting of the Board will take place on 4-6 July 2017 in the Republic of Korea and the 18th – in the Arab Republic of Egypt.


Source: Official Website of the Green Climate Fund, 

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