On 15 February 2017, at the Poytaxt Business Center in Tashkent, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Uzhydromet jointly held a workshop on the results of the introductory trip to the headquarters of the Green Climate Fund within the framework of "GCF Readiness Programme in Uzbekistan" project.

The workshop was attended by Government representatives from ministries and agencies, as well as the nongovernmental organizations. Ms. Natalya Agaltseva, Deputy Head of Environment Pollution services of Uzhydromet, presented a brief information on the introductory trip to the headquarters, which took place at the end of November 2016. Delegates included the representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, the State Committee on Nature Protection, Uzhydromet and UNDP. The purpose of the trip was to increase awareness of the GCF's operations, requirements for the project proposals, review of previously approved projects by the GCF and establish contacts for further cooperation. During the trip priority areas for projects on mitigation and adaptation to climate change have been discussed.

Besides, the information on the main tools for climate finance projects of the GCF, accreditation process, structure of the project portfolio, project submission and review cycle by the GCF have been presented during the workshop.

It was also noted that in Uzbekistan a large scale of work on preparation of project proposals by interested ministries and agencies has started. During the workshop, the representatives of the State Committee on Nature Protection, Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, International Institute of Solar Power and Association of Enterprises of Alternative Energy briefly presented the planned project ideas to be submitted to the GCF. In the course of discussion of these project ideas, practical suggestions and recommendations for their improvement have been advised.
The second part of the workshop was devoted to the discussion of investment assessment issues and financial flows required for mitigation and adaptation in key sectors of economy. It was also presented a brief information on the stages of such assessment, as well as the joint cooperation of UNDP and the Center of Economic Research within the framework of this project.

At the end of the workshop participants' questions, such as the key requirements for project proposals, accreditation of the National implementing entity, the role of the National executive entity, the issues related to the identification and analysis of key sectors of economy, vulnerable to the climate change were discussed.

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