UNDP and UNEP jointly with the Center for hydrometeorological services “Uzhydromet” under the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Uzbekistan are implementing Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness programme in Uzbekistan. The objective of the GCF Readiness Programme is to support the Government of Uzbekistan in strengthening their national capacities to effectively and efficiently plan for, access, manage, deploy and monitor climate financing in particular through the GCF. These activities will be planned and implemented in line with national policies and priorities. The Programme targets two important aspects of the GCF approach, access to funds and private sector engagement, both of which require significant preparatory work before GCF financing will be possible at scale.

The GCF Readiness Programme focuses on a range of preparatory activities to:

  • build and strengthen the institutional capacity of national entities in Uzbekistan, with a focus on enabling direct access;
  • help Uzbekistan to prepare climate change mitigation and adaptation investment strategies, programmes and projects, including through the active involvement of the private and financial sectors.

The Republic of Belarus has extensive experience and applies advanced methods of developing and implementing policies, strategies and measures to prevent climate change and adapt to their inevitable consequences. For example, the country demonstrates good results in the search for and implementation of programs and projects in the field of renewable energy development, energy efficiency, energy conservation, waste management, peatland management, responsible and sustainable forestry and agriculture management, emergency response, effective financing mechanisms. In this infographic you will see successfully implemented projects in the Republic of Belarus, which can also be applied in Uzbekistan. It is expected that this experience and practical experience can be useful for developing the capacity of representatives of national institutions of Uzbekistan to develop a portfolio of projects with appropriate investments that will help address climate change issues and will allow the implementation of preparatory activities for funding of GCF.

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